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Self-taught artist and producer InDuna (in-Doo-nah) takes flavours straight from
his homeland and incorporates them into his Afropop infused soul sound. Inspired by the likes of
Brenda Fassie and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, InDuna expresses himself and his experiences of
growing up in a third world society through his music.

Born in South Africa, he had a rough childhood spending much of his early years growing up in
the slums of Johannesburg and Limpopo. After moving into an orphanage at the age of eight, he
was given the opportunity at fourteen to move to New Zealand.

InDuna started his music journey when he fell in love with music for the first time after hearing
Brenda Fassie’s Nomakanjani. “It felt like love at first sight, but with music.” However, he only
took an interest in producing his own music after high school. For the most part, music
production has been an effective therapy for him to vent his emotions and to help cope with his
past and present experiences. “The reason I started doing music was because I needed a way to
handle my emotions and regular therapy wasn’t doing it for me.”

InDuna produces a range of genres including Hip-hop, R&B and Pop. As a kid being exposed to
different genres of music and being part of a choir, he has been able to incorporate his
experiences into any genre that he works in. His roots also allow him to blend his vocals and
sounds from Africa to bring a unique vibe and narrative to his music and capture the essence of
him as an artist.

InDuna has written a song for the documentary film Ink and Gold: An Artist's Journey to Olympic Glory, which has won Best Original Song for 'Dreams’ at the International Online Web Fest (IOWF) where the film is nominated for six awards. 

His track, “Black Man Running” reached number 1 on the RadioActive Top 11 Chart,
3rd on the SRN Top 10 Chart, 3rd on the iTunes NZ Hip-Hop Chart and 17th on the RadioScope
Alternative Airplay Chart.

InDuna has performed at The Performance Arcade 2022, Newtown Festival 2020, Sofa Wellington and Going Local 2019 along with other smaller gigs around Wellington and Auckland. 

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